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Bull BBQ Recipes

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Borracho Beans

Borracho simply means ‘drunken’ in Spanish.  These pintos are cooked in a dark Mexican beer to give them a nice deep flavor.  A squeeze of fresh lime at the end really brightens them up!  They are the perfect...
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Basic Grilled Summer Squash

This is a handy recipe for summer gardeners or if you know someone with a zucchini plant! You may want to use a grill grid or live on the wild side and risk losing some through the grates (like I did).
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Corn Muffins with Cranberries and Jalapeños

Baking in/on/around the grill? Sounds counter intuitive, I know. Believe me, it works and someday when your oven is full, you’ll thank me. :-)  These muffins are moist, tender, and full of corn flavor. The addition of the...
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Grill-Roasted Baby Root Veggies

I am a huge fan of root vegetables… if prepared properly. Root vegetables have a bunch of natural sugars and the key to making them super delicious is to concentrate and caramelize the sugars. This recipe accomplishes both of those things...
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Classic Giblet Gravy

No matter how you get that turkey to the table, this gravy should always go along with it.
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Cinnamon-Ginger Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet, spicy and made on the grill with the BULL BBQ Stainless Pro Grill Griddle.
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Simple Grilled Asparagus

Super-easy and honestly, the best way to cook asparagus!
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Pineapple-Veggie Skewers

Pineapple, summer squash, and sweet bell peppers rounded out with onions, tomatoes, and button mushrooms skewered and grilled for the perfect veggie side!
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