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Bull BBQ Recipes

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Grilled Smashed Potatoes with Blue Cheese and Chive Sauce

Seriously these are the best potatoes. Golden and crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. It’s like a baked potato and a French fry had a baby! :-)They are the perfect compliment to my Backyard  Steakhouse menu...
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Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Zest and Manchego Cheese

I am a big fan of asparagus and lemon – especially asparagus slathered with lemony Hollandaise sauce.  However, the holiday table is filled with so many rich and delicious dishes, I thought it would be nice to have a simple side...
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Every Burger Needs Fries: Grilled Sweet Potato Fries with Sriracha Yogurt Dip

Every burger needs fries.  These Grilled Sweet Potato Fries with a spicy Sriracha Yogurt Dip are going to be just the thing for the upcoming 4th of July Burger Bash.
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Summer Corn Salad with Poblano Chile and Cotija Cheese

I didn’t forget the veg, Dad!  This is a simple salad to pull together anytime and great one to have on hand as you can easily add and subtract ingredients (except maybe the corn) and come up with a winner!  I skewed this one to...
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Basic Grilled Summer Squash

This is a handy recipe for summer gardeners or if you know someone with a zucchini plant! You may want to use a grill grid or live on the wild side and risk losing some through the grates (like I did).
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Grill-Roasted Baby Root Veggies

I am a huge fan of root vegetables… if prepared properly. Root vegetables have a bunch of natural sugars and the key to making them super delicious is to concentrate and caramelize the sugars. This recipe accomplishes both of those things...
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Cinnamon-Ginger Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet, spicy and made on the grill with the BULL BBQ Stainless Pro Grill Griddle.
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Simple Grilled Asparagus

Super-easy and honestly, the best way to cook asparagus!
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