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Bull BBQ Recipes

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Orange & Soy

Gung Hay Fat Choy… Happy Chinese New Year!  The festivities for the Year of the Goat which begins February 19th this year (2015) are under way.  A couple years ago I was fortunate to be in San Francisco working as...
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Tips for Grilling a Whole Turkey (Repost)

Here are a few tips to successfully grilling a whole turkey: Truss your turkey!  No need for complicated French trussing.  Just tuck the wings under the bird, use a couple toothpicks or a small skewer to close the skin over the...
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Roasted Chicken Love Letter

It is unconscionably hot this week in in SoCal… especially for the middle of October. I was craving a really great roast chicken, but there was no way I was cranking the oven up to +400°F (I was also feeling a little too lazy from the...
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Szechuan BBQ Wings

I discovered the tingly, numbing spiciness of Szechuan peppercorns a few years back and they have become a staple in my everyday cooking. I even have a pepper grinder devoted to them. Szechuan (or Sichuan) peppercorns are not actually...
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Orange & Rosemary Dry-Brined Chicken

Dry brining turkey for the holidays has really gained in popularity the past couple years. Probably because of the relative ease doing it, that plus the fact that it takes up far less space in the refrigerator. There is no reason...
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Grilled Chicken Valencia

Fingers are crossed for a sunny Memorial Day in SoCal (although it’s not looking too promising). Hopefully the weekend will be full of sunshine wherever you may be. Either way this grilled chicken will definitely brighten it up with flavors...
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Brick Grilled Harissa Chicken

Grilling chicken under bricks is not just a gimmicky way to grill chicken, although it’s a great way to dazzle friends and family at your next cookout. :-) The bricks weigh down all the parts of the chicken so that it cooks very...
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Lemony Balsamic Mustard Chicken Thighs

I used to make a roast chicken dish similar to this back in the days when I was a personal chef. I have revamped the marinade a bit to suit our grilling needs. :-) Recently, I had a job requiring skin-on, boneless chicken thighs....
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