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Sage-Rubbed Turkey Breast with Grilled Spaghetti Squash

Labor Day has come and gone and we are moving toward autumnal flavors and fall grilling. You know I believe in grilling year-round or at least until the snow drift covering your grill makes it next to impossible. But it also means changing...
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Rolled Turkey Breast with Pear and Sage Stuffing

Unbelievably moist, rolled up with stuffing spiked with pears and sage, and basted from the inside with bacon, this turkey will shine on your holiday table or buffet.  Please, however, don’t be daunted by the length of this recipe...
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Bourbon and Molasses Turkey Brine

Brining you holiday turkey is a great way to ensure that you have a moist and flavorful bird after all of the time and effort you’ve put into it.  The addition of bourbon and molasses will not only produce a great tasting turkey, but...
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How To Grill Your Holiday Turkey

Grilling your turkey is not only easy and convenient, but it will also free up your kitchen for everything else that is usually going on at the holidays. By using the indirect method of grilling (no heat source directly underneath the food), you...
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Turkey Leftovers: Grilled Turkey and Asparagus Tartine with Apricot Curry Spread

A tartine is simply French for an open-faced sandwich. I love this tartine recipe to use up leftover turkey because it doesn’t remind me of Thanksgiving. :-) The apricot-curry spread paired with smokiness of...
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Grill Roasted Hens with Currant & Pecan Cornbread Stuffing

Game hens seem so underrated and are perfect for you New Year’s Eve dinner. They make for an excellent presentation, especially around the holidays, whether you serve them whole or cut in half, plated or on a buffet. When cooking...
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Spinning Bird: How-To Rotisserie Grill a Turkey

Slow cooking turkey on a rotisserie makes for an amazingly juicy bird.  The self-basting action of the rotating turkey keeps all those juices rolling around and also frees you up from basting it yourself.  Ideally, you should keep the...
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Ancho and Sage Rubbed Turkey

Brining:  If you plan on brining your bird, do so for 24 hours prior to cooking.  Remove from the brine and rinse inside the cavity and out to remove excess salt sitting on the skin.  Note: brined turkeys brown faster, so have...
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