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Bourbon Root Beer Floats

Growing up we would head to the A&W Drive-in for burgers and a root beer floats. My sister would drink all the root beer right away and then eat the ice cream for dessert. Not me. I always held off drinking my float until I was finished eating, giving the ice cream time to melt into the root beer and then sip and savor the super creamy root beer deliciousness on the drive back home.

No matter what style of float-drinker you are, you are gonna love this childhood favorite taken uptown. These root beer floats would make any mustachioed, suspender-wearing Silver Lake-ian or Brooklyn-ite proud… artisnal root beer with a couple scoops of hand-crafted gelato and a shot or two of barrel-aged bourbon.

  • Root beer
  • Vanilla gelato or ice cream
  • Bourbon


  • Frosty glasses or mugs
  • Ice tea spoons
  • Straws

Fill chilled mugs half-way with root beer, add a scoop of gelato and a shot (or two) of bourbon. Let sit for a few minutes while the gelato melts into the root beer, give a little stir then slowly add more root beer for a nice frothy head. Serve immediately.