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Bull BBQ Recipes

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Tasty Pork Ribs

Spare ribs or baby backs… just rub generously with BULL BBQ Rub and then grill ’em low and slow for amazing delicious, tender, juicy ribs.

Serves 6

Tasty Pork Ribs 

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  • 3 Racks of Pork Ribs
  • BULL Rub
  • BULL Instant Read Flip Top Digital Thermometer
  • Toothpicks
  • Foil

Use BULL Rub and apply no more than 2 hours prior to going on cleaned and oiled grill set at medium over indirect  heat.  It is very important to get meat to room temperature before placing on grill! Cook for about 4 hours or until the temperature is reading 225-250 degrees for baby backs (pull off when toothpick slides easily through meat), and 5 to 6 hours with a temperature reading of 225-250 degrees for spares (pull off the same as for baby backs). After desired temperature is met (check with a BULL Instant Read Flip Top Digital Thermometer), it is important to wrap meat in foil and towel (insulator) and let “rest” for at least 30 minutes.

Important note: You can’t rush BBQ.  It gets done when it’s ready!