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How To Grill Your Holiday Turkey

Grilling your turkey is not only easy and convenient, but it will also free up your kitchen for everything else that is usually going on at the holidays. By using the indirect method of grilling (no heat source directly underneath the food), you...
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Rolled Turkey Breast with Pear and Sage Stuffing

Unbelievably moist, rolled up with stuffing spiked with pears and sage, and basted from the inside with bacon, this turkey will shine on your holiday table or buffet.  Please, however, don’t be daunted by the length of this recipe...
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East Meets West Barbecue: Gochugaru Spare Ribs

Every now and again, I like to throw a new ingredient at you. This time it is gochugaru (pronounced: go choo ga roo) or Korean dried chile flakes. The spiciness level of this chile flake rages anywhere from mild to pretty...
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Thanksgiving in a Calzone: Leftovers Revisited

Personally, I think Thanksgiving leftovers are just a delicious as the main event.  Here’s a great way to use them up and feed a crew in a more-than-a-sandwich kind of way.  Bonus is you get to get outside and use your grill and...
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Elevate your Tailgate: Muffaletta Burger

I had never had a muffaletta sandwich before I had gone to visit my friend Karen in New Orleans some time last century (late 1980’s lol) and it was love at first bite.The muffaletta, if you are not familiar, is everything that is right...
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