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BBQ Components

The Bull Europe barbecue components are addons you can add to your Bull Islands. Using only the highest quality materials these components will add a stylish finish to your Bull Island, but can only be used in your custom made outside barbecue kitchen island.

Right Swing Vertical Access Door
Item No: #89975
Stainless Steel Vertical Access Door, designed to allow access to a small 5Kg gas tank.
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Fire Feature Vented Door
Item No: #89977
Stainless Steel Vented Door.
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76cm Vented Double Door
Item No: #44570
Keep your outdoor kitchen safe with the Bull 76cm Vented Double Door. This stylish design is constructed of 304 stainless steel and helps creates airflow underneath your BBQ to let potential...
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Stainless Steel Triple Drawer System
Item No: #58110
Store grilling accessories and outdoor cooking necessities in this high quality, stainless-steel triple drawer system. Built to last, The Bull Triple Drawers System is fully enclosed with durable...
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Single Vented Door
Item No: #89980
The Vertical Access Door is constructed of durable 304 Grade 16 Gauge Stainless Steel and a double lined door for easy safe storage of propane tanks and gas lines.
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Double Drawer: Stainless Steel
Item No: #56985
Two useful and spacious drawers for all your tools and accessories.
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Gas Tank/Trash Drawer
Item No: #56825
Eases replacement of your LPG tank or for keeping a waste bin in.
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Single Drawer: Stainless Steel
Item No: #09970
A single drawer to store all your tools and accessories.
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Large Single Drawer
Item No: #09980
The Bull Extra Large Commercial quality polished 304 grade stainless steel single drawer constructed for durability and lasting appearance. This item is great for storing large tools and can...
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76cm Door/Propane Drawer Combo: Stainless Steel
Item No: #65784
The Door/Propane Drawer Combo is stainless steel and has room to store trash or your propane tank as well as an access door to connect to your grill.
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