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Gas Pizza Ovens

The Pizza is probably the most well known Italian export.  Starting from humble origins, created in Naples from easily accessible products, pizza is nowadays one of the most widely recognised foods in the world.  A Pizza oven by Bull gives you the right high temperature to cook your home made pizza, like at the pizzeria.

There are two main types of pizza ovens; gas pizza ovens and wood fired pizza ovens.  Whilst the latter is the more classic, the gas pizza oven gives you a great result, with less hassle.  You do not need to fire wood, and controlling the Pizza oven temperature is much easier.

No one knows pizza more than the Italians.  That is why we source our Gas Pizza Oven range from master Italian pizza oven makers, because we know that be it a gas pizza oven or a wood fired pizza oven, nothing can beat the know how that Italians have.  And obviously they get the Bull seal of approval.  

All our gas pizza ovens are manufactured using the highest quality materials.  From stainless steel to electro galvanised steel, all using solid welding.  The Bull Gas Pizza oven is designed for outdoor use, and built to perform in all weathers.  

Our Pizza ovens are delivered ready built, so you can get baking in no time. 

But a pizza oven is not just for pizza.  It can be used for a multitude of dishes, from bread to roast beef, to a baked pasta dish, it will all taste delicious, with that charred finish only a great oven can give.  

For more information we suggest you either visit one of our Pizza Oven dealers, or alternatively we would be happy to answer your queries.  Contact Us here.