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Standard Pizza Outdoor Kitchen

Pizza Outdoor Kitchen. Where do we start?

Pizza. Dough, tomato and cheese. Three common ingredients that the Italians merged into one of the greatest foods in the world. But a pizza cannot be considered authentic unless it is cooked at the right temperature. That is where the Bull Pizza Ovens come in. Manufactured by master Italian pizza oven makers, our pizza ovens are designed to cook the perfect Pizza.

The Bull Pizza Outdoor Kitchen not only offers a great Bull pizza Oven, but also offers a great cooking experience. No more preparing the Pizza in the kitchen, and having to walk out to put it in the oven.  

The Bull Pizza Outdoor kitchen brings together all the items you need to create a great pizza. A high quality Italian pizza oven, a preparation surface and a refrigerator where you can store your ingredients. You can also add a host of Bull accessories and components; all manufactured to the Bull standards.

The Bull Range of Outdoor Kitchens comes to your home in an easy Plug-and-Play format, so you are ready to start enjoying your cooking experience and entertaining your friends and family in no time.  

A number of finishes are available for your Bull Pizza Outdoor Kitchen. There are a number of options for the bases, both in terms of colour and finishes, whilst a selection of tiles are available for the top, making sure that your outdoor kitchen fits in with your decor.

Studies have shown that by investing in an outdoor kitchen you will be increasing the value of your home, thus installing an outdoor kitchen is also an investment in your real estate.

All in all the Bull Pizza Outdoor Kitchens are designed to offer a great centre spot for the Outdoor Cooking enthusiast, by bringing together all the materials one would expect from a kitchen, thus making cooking a great experience.

For more information we suggest you either visit one of our Pizza Oven dealers, or alternatively we would be happy to answer your queries. Contact Us here.

Bull Pizza - Q Outdoor Kitchen Island
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