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Charcoal BBQ (Built in Charcoal BBQ)

Most of us associate great weather with BBQ. We all know the feeling of enjoying a day out, firing up your charcoal bbq, and grilling any sort of food imaginable. From a nice juicy steak, to a feast of sausages and burgers, nothing tastes better than barbecued meat. Even vegetables taste better grilled.

Whilst Gas BBQ's have their advantages, charcoal BBQ's gives your food that extra smokey flavour. In fact you can use your charcoal BBQ to smoke almost anything, from fish to meat, giving your food that distinctive smoked taste. Try using different types of charcoal to taste the difference, or throw in a some herbs in your embers, you will be astonished.

The Bull range of Built In Charcoal BBQ are designed to fit in with your Bull Outdoor Kitchen or with your DIY masonry outdoor kitchen.

We at Bull do not just manufacture BBQ's, we love BBQ's, that is why when Mark started out in his garage, he set out to build the best BBQ's out there, and we achieved it.

All our barbecues are designed in California by BBQ experts. Our Built Charcoal BBQ's look great in your outdoor kitchen, and only use the highest quality stainless steel. We are so sure of the quality of our BBQ's that we offer lifetime warranty on an array of models.

But it's not just about looks a durability. As BBQ lovers we wanted to make sure that your Bull BBQ offered the best cooking experience possible. When we design our grills we make sure to design with the user (you the BBQ chef) in mind.

To view our full range of Charcoal BBQ's and Built In Charcoal BBQ's please visit a Bull BBQ dealer close to you, or message us here

Bison Built-In Charcoal Barbecue
Item No: #88787CE
The Bison Charcoal Grill head has been re-engineered for greater performance. The new vent system and gasket features allows for greater temperature control with the ability to regulate the oxygen...
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