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Pizza Accessories

A great wood fired pizza oven, such as the Bull Europe oven,  requires great accessories. However, these accessories can be used by any aspiring pizzaiolo, as part of your pizza making station, or outide bbq ktchen island.

PizzaQue(R) Pizza Stone Grill
Item No: #24125
The PizzaQue Pizza Stone Grill can be used on your outside grill and oven. It has a stainless steel set base with built in thermometer and helps create that crisp: smoky: brick oven-style pizza.
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PizzaQue(R) Pizza Peel
Item No: #24126
The PizzaQue Pizza Peel has a swivel handle that can be set to grilling or storage position: and its an easy way to help you lift the pizza off the pizza stone.
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PizzaQue(R) Pizza Stone Scrubber
Item No: #24127
Our PizzaQue Pizza Stone Scrubber has stainless steel bristles that help preserve the baking stone.
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PizzaQue(R) Pizza Cutter
Item No: #24128
This Wood Pizza Cutter is good for cutting on all surfaces and cuts pizza in a snap.
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Square Pizza Stone / 38cm
Item No: #24208
This square pizza stone helps make crispier crust pizzas and breads on your grill and won't crack under extreme variations in temperature.
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Wood Pizza Cutter / Rocking
Item No: #24221
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Wood Rolling Pin with Silicone Dough Rings
Item No: #24222
This Hardwood Rolling Pin is perfect for creating artisanal pizza and pie crusts. It includes silicone rings an makes ideal 1/8th of an inch crust.
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Double Dough Roller
Item No: #24223
This wooden dough roller's large end rolls dough to its desired size and its small end refines thickness of the dough's edge for the perfect pizza.
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Pizza Peel / Wood
Item No: #24224
The Wood Pizza Peel's comfortable wood handle makes pizza retrieval quick and simple. It is easy to clean and can be hung up.
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Pizza Cone 6PC Set / Set for 2
Item No: #24225
This pizza cone set is the newest way to prepare pizza. It includes two nonstick pizza cones and nonstick pizza stands: dough cutter: and rolling crimper.
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