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Side Burners

Need to warm some soup or caramelise some onions for a great addition to your burger, being grilled to perfection on your Bull Barbecue? With the Bull Europe side burners you can cook or warm your food in a pan whilst doing your grilling magic on your barbecue.

Drop-In Stainless Steel Side Burner
Item No: #60008CE-LPG #60009CE-NG
A convenient component for boiling pasta or making sauce.
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Slide-In Double Side Burner
Item No: #30008CE-LPG / #30009CE-NG
A nicely designed component matching your Bull Grill Profile. Boil your pasta and simmer your sauce simultaneously.
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Searing Station: Slide in Design
Item No: #94008-LPG / #94009-NG
If a Searing Burner is just not an option, this accessory enhances your grilling capacity. - Not CE Certified
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